Going back from a mutual VanOSDELL

For the one asking of ancestor information, I will be skipping their dad, grandfather and great information for privacy here online. For that sensitive information, I can be reached at ddtbeasley@eatel.net for you to leave your telephone number.

I found our 2nd great grandfather Michael Eagan VO in the 1850 census E Feliciana par, LA Michael VANOSDELL 8 yrs abt 1842 LA was with his parents, Enoch VANOSDELL 43 yrs abt 1807 OH; Elizabeth 37 yrs abt 1813 FL; James 19 yrs abt 1831 LA; Andrew 17 yrs abt 1833 LA; Rebecca 15 yrs abt 1835 LA; Enoch 11 yrs abt 1839 LA; Thomas 7 yrs abt 1843 LA; Frances (f) 4 yrs abt 1846 LA; Preston 2 mos abt 1850 LA.

Five years later: Jun 16 1855 E Feliciana par, LA Michael Eagan VanOSDELL’s mother, Elizabeth filed for tutor of her children. Elizabeth’s mother, Kesiah EAGAN was awarded Michael E.
Recorded and filed June 16, 1855—-H. Skipwith, Clerk
Parish of East Feliciana:
Be it known that on the day of the date hereof before me Thomas W. Scott Parish Judge of the Parish aforesaid and exofficio Notary Pubic in and for the same by lawful authority duly commisioned and sworn personally came and appeared Mrs. Elizabeth Van Osdell, wife of Enoch van Osdell aided apisted and authorized by her husband and the said Enoch Van Osdell to do this act of the one part and Michael Eagan of the same State and Parish of the other part suting for himself and Mrs. Kesiah Eagan wife of the said Michael Eagan aided apisted and authorized by her husband the said Michael E THIS IS A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE WORDING FILED IN THE COURTHOUSE AND SOME OF THE WORDING WAS REALLY HARD TO READ.

Michael was a civil war private Co I 11th LA infantry. He enlisted August 11, 1861 at Camp Moore. He was wounded by a piece of shell in the leg and breast at the Battle of Shiloh while charging a battery and was ordered to 4th LA infantry Co K by Maj Gen. Gardner for duty about Feb 1, 1863 until further orders as he was a member of 11th Regiment, having been arrested and brought to him as absent without leave.

According to Booth, LGR, PR, 1850 Census FN 128 Michael deserted and was found in E Feliciana par, LA. There was a note on his pension application stating that he was at home sick in Jackson, LA with typhoid at end of war.

There is more to this story, but one would have to either email me at ddtbeasley@eatel.net or call me.

Not sure where Elizabeth and her children were by the time the census of 1860 rolled around. But by the next census rolled around in 1870 Michael E was already married to Vally starting a family.

According to the 1870 census Port Hudson Ward 10 East Baton Rouge par, LA Michael VANOSDALL 28 yrs abt 1842 LA was with his wife and family; Vally 26 yrs abt 1844 MS; Emma 3 yrs abt 1867 LA; and in the household were Leander AVERY 15 yrs abt 1855 MS; Thomas AVERY 13 yrs abt 1857 MS.

According to the 1880 census Ward 4 E Baton Rouge par, LA Tomie VANOZDELL 1 yr abt 1879 LA was with his parents, Mike VANOZDELL 38 yrs abt 1842 LA; Valley 33 yrs abt 1847 LA; Emma 13 yrs abt 1867 LA; Willie 2 yrs abt 1878 LA. Down the road there is a Tom AVERY (yr old unreadable) from LA in household with Charles ARCHER 34 yrs abt 1846 LA; and West SHAFFET 25 yrs abt 1855 LA.

According to the 1900 census Ward 4 E Baton Rouge par, LA Thomas VANOSDELL 21 yrs abt 1879 LA was with his parents, Michael VANOSDELL 58 yrs abt 1842 LA; Valaria 55 yrs abt 1845 MS; and Michael’s brother, Enoch VANOSDELL 61 yrs abt 1839 LA. Right up the road from this family was Charles DELATTE 48 yrs abt Jul 1851 LA; Mary C 32 yrs abt Jan 1867 LA. They had been married 17 yrs abt 1883 with 10 children born and 8 living; Robert 16 yrs; John 14 yrs; Annie 12 yrs; Mary 10 yrs; Victoria 8 yrs; Laura 7 yrs; Alma E 4 yrs; Wallace 2 yrs.

According to the Soldier’s Application for Pension M.E. Vanosdell listed his P.O. as Zachary. The pension was allowed on Sept 2nd 1901. He enlisted under Capt John Barren. Merritt Miller. He was wounded at Shiloh while charging a batery. Was struck by a piece of shrapnel in leg and breast. The shell struck my ??? and the ??? struck me in breast.

There is a typed note from the War Department reading as such:
Respectfully returned to
Colonal J.A. Chalaron, President Board of Pension Commandr
State of Louisiana, Baton Rouge
The records show that M. or Michel Van Orsdale, also borne as Van Osdale, late of Company I, 11th Louisiana Infantry C.S.A. was enlisted August 18 1861 at Camp Moore, to serve for the war and that he was present for duty with his command November 27 1861, the date of the last muster roll of the company on file in this office.

The name M.E. Vanosdell has not been found on the rolls on file in this office of Company I, 11th Louisiana Infantry C.S.A.

Confederate Research Sources; Volume 3; V; page 910
Van Osdall, M.,Pvt. Co. K, 4th La. Inf. En. New Orleans, La., July 26, 1861. Present or absent not stated on Roll to April 30, 1863. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured near Port Hudson, May 27, 1863. Remarks: Oath. On List not dated of Confederate Prisoners of War, sent from Baton Rouge, La., to New Orleans, La., May 29, 1863. Roll to June, 1863, Deserted on the march from Port Hudson. Rolls from July, 1863, to Oct., 1863, Was ordered to my Co. by Maj. Gen. Gardner for duty about Feb. 1, 1863, until further orders, as he was a member of the 11th La. Regt., having been arrested and brought to him as absent without leave. He deserted about May 1, 1863, in East Feliciana, La. Roll Nov. and Dec., 1863, Deserted May 7, 1863.

According to the Widow’s Application for Pension, Mike E. Vanasdell entered the service of the Confederate States during the civil war at West Feliciana par, LA 1861 in Rosedale 11th LA regiment Co I from Louisiana and served honorably at discharge. When the war ended by surrender he was in Jackson, LA at home sick with typhoid pneumonia.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you 2nd great grandfather, Michael Eagan VanOSDELL and his wife, Valaria AVERY Jones VanOsdell.

2nd great grandmother, Valaria AVERY Jones VanOsdell

The Trinity

Do you have your words yet of how to present the Gospel of what we are to present in order to guide or help someone with life threatening situations? Are you yourself struggling with a life threatening situation to find the balance between the order and chaotic that just keeps coming? I am in need of a good discussion without any hollering, blaming or condemning: Just wanting to discuss with someone perhaps a tad bit more knowledgeable than myself to work through some of the negative thoughts toward being positive; without that someone putting me on display out there with a lot of judging. HELP!

Going back from a DeLatte:

For the one asking of ancestor information, I will be skipping their dad and grandfather’s information for privacy here online. For that sensitive information, I can be reached at ddtbeasley@eatel.net for you to leave your telephone number.

From the generation of my 2nd great grandfather, and if I have this right, yours as well. His name is Charles Robert DeLATTE (in the Catholic baptism records listed as Charles Ardona). Sponsors for the baptism of Charles Ardona DeLATTE, son of Louis DeLattes and Marie PERICAULT, were Henri FARLEND and Catherine McKETRICK.

According to the 1850 census Baton Rouge, E Baton Rouge par, LA Charles DeLAT 2 yrs old born abt 1848 LA was with his parents, Louis 45 yrs abt 1805 LA, carpenter; Mary 30 yrs abt 1820 LA; Mary 1 yr abt 1849 LA.

According to the 1860 census E Baton Rouge par, LA Charles DeLATTE 11 yrs abt 1849 LA was with his parents, Lewis 55 yrs abt 1805 LA; Mary 38 yrs abt 1822 LA Mary F 10 yrs abt 1850 LA; Rosalie 8 yrs abt 1852 LA; Margaret 6 yrs abt 1854 LA; Lewis 4 yrs abt 1856 LA; Joseph 4 yrs abt 1856 LA; Yersank 1 yr abt 1859 LA.

According to a probate E Baton Rouge par, LA 5th Judicial District Court 1867: of the death of Lewis DeLATTE and Marie PERRICO, Marie was mentioned as married to Louis DeLATT, decd 1865 with children; Chas was a minor of 19 yrs; Rosalie 1852, 15 yrs; Margaret 1855, 12 yrs; Louis 1857, 10 yrs; Jno (John) 1865 6 yrs; Julia Terozine 1863, 4 yrs.

July 25 1867 Alcide DeLATT was appointed tutor for the minor children of Louis and Mary DeLATT. It was furthered ordered that family meeting be composed of John CARMENA, Joseph RODRIGUEZ, Benj ARISA, Blas ARISA, Oran HACKET & Thos F HERNANDEZ, the nearest relative and friends of said minors be convened on Thursday the 25th day of July 1867 at 11 o’clock A.M. before John McGRATH, parish recorder at his office to take into consideration the things set forth in the foregoing and annexed petition to appoint a tutor to said minors.

In a Louisiana newspaper there was a notice of a land sale of Louis DeLATTEs property in Baton Rouge par, LA known as Devall Town. It reads as such:

By virtue of a commission issued in the above succession and directed to the Sheriff of said Parish, from the Honorable Court aforesaid I will expose to public sale at the Court House dept of said Parish in the city of Baton Rouge on Saturday, the 31st day of August 1867 at 11 o’clock A.M. of said day the following described property to wit: REAL ESTATE; SEPARATE PROPERTY OF LOUIS DeLATTE: 1st: A certain lot or parcel of ground, near the Penitentiary Store in Square No. 18, (Devall Town), measuring sixty feet fron on Laurel Street by a depth of sixty feet adjoining the Penitentiary. South grounds being part of the same property acquired by said deceased by an act passed before C. Crawford in 1801 and of record in the Recorder’s office.

2nd: The undivided third of a parcel of land containing two arpents more or less, being situated between Main and North Streets; being the east half of square of ground lying on the East side of Jackson Street formerly belonging to the succession of Louis DeLATTE, deceased and divided among the heirs (the Widow reserving the East half and the heirs the West half) and acquired by Louis DeLATTE jointly with Remie DeLATTE and Victoria DELATTE, from the estate of their mother. Mrs Frances DeLATTE, deceased.

3rd: A lot of ground on same square above described and numbered two on the plat made for the partition thereof, containing one-half arpent, more or less, fronting on Jackson Street.: COMMUNITY PROPERTY A certain tract of land in this parish, containing one hundred and sixty four 24-100 acres being the Southeast quarter of Section No. (26) twenty-six in Township No 5 South of Range (1) one East as shown by Receiver’s certificate No. 2349 ??, having been entered by Louis DeLATTE, February 24th 1859 ??. PERSONAL PROPERTY 3 mares; 2 colts; 5 head of cattle; Upon the following terms and conditions; The personal property for cash and the land and lots one-third cash and the balance payable in one and two years from day of sale; the purchasers to furnish the their promissory notes, with good personal security. Said notes to be secured by mortgage and tendor’s privilege on the property, sold, until full and final payment of the same, and to bear eight per cent interest after maturity until paid. Jul 30, T. J. BIRD, sheriff

According to the 1870 census Port Hudson, Ward 10 E Baton Rouge par, LA Charles DeLATTE 21 yrs abt 1849 LA and Louis 13 yrs abt 1847 LA were with the family of J A Rodrigus 30 yrs abt 1840 LA; Mary 52 yrs abt 1818 LA; Leconae? 40 yrs abt 1830 LA; Louisa 38 yrs abt 1832 LA; Mary 30 yrs abt 1840 LA; Teresa 25 yrs abt 1845 LA; and Julia MONSOON? 15 yrs abt 1855 LA; Hilsey SMITH 12 yrs abt 1858 LA. Next door was Angel LOPEZ 32 yrs abt 1838 West Indies; Catherine 32 yrs abt 1838 LA 1838 LA; Anna 3 yrs abt 1867 LA; Lovey 1 yr abt 1870 LA.

According to the 1880 census Ward 4 E Baton Rouge par, LA Charles DeLATTE 23 yrs abt 1857 LA was living in the household of Joe Rodrigus (m) 40 yrs abt 1840 LA; Emma 35 yrs abt 1845 LA; Joseph 6 yrs abt 1874 LA; Mary RODRIGUS 65 yrs abt 1815 LA.

On the twenty sixth (26th) day of July A.D. eighteen hundred and eighty four (1884), I, the undersigned C. DelaCROIX validated the marriage of Charles Robert DeLATTES and of Mary Carmelita LOPEZ, daughter of Joseph LOPEZ and of Catherine RODRIGUEZ. They also legitamated their child Robert Charles DeLATTE born before the Unifitical ?? benediction. The parties gave their fres ?? and nuptial consent of marriage in the presence of their legal witnesses who with them and assigned this record. ~~signed C.R. DeLATTE & Mary C LOPEZ with C DelaCROIX, recotr signing; Witnesses: Chas O’CONNELL signing and Margaret BUSCH making her mark.


According to the 1900 census Ward 4 E Baton Rouge par, LA Annied DeLATTE 12 yrs abt 1888 LA was with her parents, Charles DeLATTE 48 yrs abt 1852 LA; Mary C 32 yrs abt 1868 LA; Robert 16 yrs abt 1884 LA; John 14 yrs abt 1886 LA; Mary 10 yrs abt 1890 LA; Victoria 8 yrs abt 1892 LA; Laura 7 yrs abt 1892; Alma E 4 yrs abt 1896 LA; Wallace 2 yrs abt 1898 LA. Right down the road was the VanOSDELL family as listed: Thomas VanOSDELL 21 yrs abt 1879 LA was with his parents, Michael VanOSDELL 58 yrs abt 1842 LA; Valaria 55 yrs 1845 MS; and Michael’s brother, Enoch VanOSDELL 61 yrs abt 1839 LA.

I listed this VanOSDELL family because my great married one of the sons of this VanOSDELL family. AND Annie Adele and Lawrence were brother and sister. This is our connection.

According to the 1910 census Police Jury Ward 4 E Baton Rouge par, LA Charles R DeLATTE 57 yrs abt 1853 LA; Mary E 40 yrs abt 1870 LA; Victoria 22 yrs abt 1888 LA; Luna (poss Laura) 17 yrs abt 1893 LA; Alma 16 yrs abt 1894 LA; Pearl 8 yrs abt 1902 LA; Eveline 6 yrs 6 yrs abt 1904 LA; Alred 5 yrs abt 1904 LA; Alfred 5 yrs abt 1905 LA; Louis 3 yrs abt 1907; Lawrence 1 yr 9 mos abt 1908 LA.


THINK Out of the BOX…

Think for yourself in your life, but know that you know your #sovereign God Who can not be be contained within the four cardboard walls of a simple box. Thank you Lord God for what you have done for each and every one of us who simply believe upon you and accept the love you have for each of us.

Ever felt the need to DETOX Your BRAIN?

Ever just sat around and #thought of “Should I; Could I; or Would I”? OR “If I had only; If I will only”?

Yep, we all have done such as this. Are we still doing this? Perhaps we should re-think what we think about. Perhaps we should take inventory of those thoughts and perhaps “Take Out the Garbage” of what is not so good and keep only the good within our thoughts.

DeTOXing the brain is not an easy task, but it must be done in order that we proceed forth. Those long-standing habits of the way we have been thinking and the the thoughts we hold so firmly to, are like poison to the brain. They can and often do #kill the joy that we are promised if we only will sit back and review those brain-killing thoughts.

The culture of today seems to think that we can eat only what is good for the detoxing. Or that we can pop a pill to shut off that part of the brain to not think such thoughts, but, afterall, this would be just a cultural way of thinking for possibly to make them lots of monies for said pill that you will be taking for the rest of your life and not ridding yourself of your own re-direction of your thoughts for the riddance. One must survey what is up there, and as you know what is good, keep AND what is bad (evil) toss out. Do not be afraid to do because we do indeed have help and comfort as we re-discipline our brain toward as positive as we can get it.

It has been awhile since I have written in this blog. What can I say? Life happens.

I recently made a change as to where I go for spiritual nourishment which was actually closer to my home and easier to get to. Do you have a church home that doesn’t analyze every Word of God that is written to further what they perceive what their own mission is that they desire to do instead of what the Almighty God; the Sovereign God the Creator of all things has in store for you to do?

Find a church building filled with a group of broken and hypocritical people who are studying the Word and being exhorted by the reading of the Word of God. I challenge each of you, myself included, to try and go as long as you can without being around them before you go back.

How to Work Self Through The Emotions…

Have you ever been in a #tested situation to have to work yourself through one of those #emotions?

How does one do that whether one knows or does not know the personality of the tester before you?

Do we really know the tester and motive as to the why the testing?

Is it right to test the spirit of the receiver?

Know that there are a lot of people out there, in order for them to proceed in whatever they deem they must do, will indeed try and test your spirit to further their self in their walk; whatever that may be.

Know that there is help within the pages of God the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (later re-named as Israel) for going through that testing of the spirit; But one must diligently work on that tongue to keep those lips from moving re-actively while trying to keep your thoughts pure and righteous. As we can all see out there in this wonderful country of the United States of America, that is really hard for many of us to do without self-control of ourselves. Only by the Grace of God can it be! Thank you Lord Jesus for coming into my life. I earnestly am trying to earnestly contend for the faith in you as I do what I must. Thank you for being my King of kings, Lord of lords, and freely giving me the gift of salvation.