THINK Out of the BOX…

Think for yourself in your life, but know that you know your #sovereign God Who can not be be contained within the four cardboard walls of a simple box. Thank you Lord God for what you have done for each and every one of us who simply believe upon you and accept the love you have for each of us.


Ever felt the need to DETOX Your BRAIN?

Ever just sat around and #thought of “Should I; Could I; or Would I”? OR “If I had only; If I will only”?

Yep, we all have done such as this. Are we still doing this? Perhaps we should re-think what we think about. Perhaps we should take inventory of those thoughts and perhaps “Take Out the Garbage” of what is not so good and keep only the good within our thoughts.

DeTOXing the brain is not an easy task, but it must be done in order that we proceed forth. Those long-standing habits of the way we have been thinking and the the thoughts we hold so firmly to, are like poison to the brain. They can and often do #kill the joy that we are promised if we only will sit back and review those brain-killing thoughts.

The culture of today seems to think that we can eat only what is good for the detoxing. Or that we can pop a pill to shut off that part of the brain to not think such thoughts, but, afterall, this would be just a cultural way of thinking for possibly to make them lots of monies for said pill that you will be taking for the rest of your life and not ridding yourself of your own re-direction of your thoughts for the riddance. One must survey what is up there, and as you know what is good, keep AND what is bad (evil) toss out. Do not be afraid to do because we do indeed have help and comfort as we re-discipline our brain toward as positive as we can get it.

It has been awhile since I have written in this blog. What can I say? Life happens.

I recently made a change as to where I go for spiritual nourishment which was actually closer to my home and easier to get to. Do you have a church home that doesn’t analyze every Word of God that is written to further what they perceive what their own mission is that they desire to do instead of what the Almighty God; the Sovereign God the Creator of all things has in store for you to do?

Find a church building filled with a group of broken and hypocritical people who are studying the Word and being exhorted by the reading of the Word of God. I challenge each of you, myself included, to try and go as long as you can without being around them before you go back.

How to Work Self Through The Emotions…

Have you ever been in a #tested situation to have to work yourself through one of those #emotions?

How does one do that whether one knows or does not know the personality of the tester before you?

Do we really know the tester and motive as to the why the testing?

Is it right to test the spirit of the receiver?

Know that there are a lot of people out there, in order for them to proceed in whatever they deem they must do, will indeed try and test your spirit to further their self in their walk; whatever that may be.

Know that there is help within the pages of God the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (later re-named as Israel) for going through that testing of the spirit; But one must diligently work on that tongue to keep those lips from moving re-actively while trying to keep your thoughts pure and righteous. As we can all see out there in this wonderful country of the United States of America, that is really hard for many of us to do without self-control of ourselves. Only by the Grace of God can it be! Thank you Lord Jesus for coming into my life. I earnestly am trying to earnestly contend for the faith in you as I do what I must. Thank you for being my King of kings, Lord of lords, and freely giving me the gift of salvation.



Feels like Springtime in the Peak of the Rockies…

At the end of April, it most definitely feels like springtime at the utmost peak of the Rockies as I imagine. Mornings are cool; with warmth as the day progresses, and by the end of the day heading into evening, back to cool for the night.

Trees have bloomed their leaves and bared mulberries for the eating. Birds have nested, hatched, fed and now grooming their young to perhaps fly from that nest. We have the red-breasted bluebirds here. Waiting for them to show themselves as they learn to fly off on their own volition. Beautiful birds they are.

Plants still growing depending when they were put in to the ground. Here, that would be either right before Good Friday or the day of or right after Good Friday; But those plants no matter as to the when, are thriving well and putting out blooms before the harvest.

The cats bounce around the place playing with each other on whatever lays on the ground; then onto a nice set of warm concrete steps. I did see three of them one day visiting their chicken friends. Cats and chickens; go figure.


Happy New Year!

My hope to all would be for a very happy new year in this 2018 to all those who are not happy as well as to those who appear to be happy. But remember, if you see, you must do, and to do you must know what to do. May you walk in the Light of your world with God the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) by your side.

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Bye ya’ll