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Getting back to basics…

My genealogy years and learning what it takes to find EVIDENCE on a particular someone in my family to gather that evidence of a grandparent of mine has taught me that it doesn’t stop just because it appears evidence can not be found. That is when I really learned that I had to kick my brain to another gear merging what I may find with that person to investigate the possibility of it being a TRUTH in their life.

Can I do this one more time? Yes, I can. Yes, I can. Set time aside for the research while attending to what needs are to be done for the day in my own life. Ooooh my, this may require a bit of discipline within my own life. Hmmmm, discipline you say? A place for everything and everything in its place. Thought I had that one, except for the papers accummulated during my research. What do I do with that? Hmmm, ever thought of filing it? I hate filing. It’s so mundane as a needed activity within my daily life, but is needed for order. How do I obtain that order? Start from the beginning of your day. You got up; prepared and fixed your coffee. Enjoy it, while you check on the news of what is happening around you. DO NOT GET INVOLVED, just check on it for awareness.