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Preparing …

Preparing for what? Preparing for a field trip aka vacation to a specific courthouse for evidence of a particular fact. Whatever lineage you are currently working on may one day require a field trip for evidence that they actually did live in the area researching. Courthouses have all sorts of information stored within those walls and drawers. There are land records, tax records and if the surname is not so common, one may find hints in the marriage records of possible relatives who may lead you to your special one.

Walking into a courthouse without a list of exactly what and who it is you are searching could lead to wasted time; especially if actual courthouse/archives is several hours away. Vacations could be intertwined with those field trips. Becoming familiar with an area one’s ancestral family lived is an excellent way to know them. Once we delve into tracing our roots, we also become involved in historical events in areas of the country; trying to gain insight into the why settle in such an area.