First cousins Daddy’s grandparents

The further back one goes to get the first cousins to a grandparent; great or great great, the more one needs to pull out the concentration of staying on point with the mind. One slip of the thought or finger and all could go wrong.

Daddy’s grandfather, Henry Berry Thompson’s first cousins:

1.  Priscilla Maria children – 1a.  Isaac Denham

2.  Thomas Surall children – 1a.  Henry Thompson; 2a.  William Duncan Thompson; 3a.  Robert Thompson; 4a.  Peninah Elizabeth Thompson; 5a.  Thomas Jefferson Thompson; 6a.  George W Thompson; 7a.  Daniel Albert Thompson; 8a.  Edmund Henshaw Thompson

3.  Mary Ann children – 1a.  Elizabeth J Ellzey; 2a.  Martha Ann Ellzey; 3a.  Nancy A Ellzey; 4a.  Rufus A Ellzey; 5a.  Lafayette T Ellzey; 6a.  William Judson Ellzey; 7a.  James Newton Ellzey; 8a.  Mary Theodosia Ellzey; 9a.  Henry B Ellzey

4.  male Thompson who I don’t have a name but pretty sure that he existed between 1820-24, but nothing more even children.

5.  Nancy Jane children – 1a.  Ervin Leon Bailey; 2a.  Edward T Bailey; 3a.  Thomas Tilford Bailey; 4a.  Sophronia J Bailey; 5a. Martha H Bailey; 6a.  Lott H Bailey; 7a.  Marshall Marsalis Bailey

6.  Zilphia Margaret children marriage death?

7.  Martha A children – 1a.  Rosa A Denham

8.  James Marshall children – 1a.  Mary M Thompson

Daddy’s grandmother, Nannie Elizabeth Wilson’s first cousins:

1.  Mary Jane’s children – 1a. Nathan Columbus Smith; 2s. William Austin Smith; 3a. George Albert Smith; 4a. Pinkney Wilson Smith; 5a. Mary M E Smith; 6a. John James Preuett; 7a. Frances E Preuett; 8a. Martha Sirena Preuett; 9a. Emory Russell Preuett; 10a. David Monroe Preuett; 11a. Margaret A Preuett

2.  Margaret’s children – 1a. Henry James Hartley; 2a. John Dudley Hartley; 3a. Charles Adams Hartley; 4a. Louisa Alice Hartley; 5a. Shira Knar Hartley; 6a. Levisa Miranda Hartley; 7a. Richard Austin Hartley; 8a. Mary Hartley; 9a. George Love Hartley; 10a. Elias Leon Hartley; 11a. Margaret Louisa Hartley; 12a. Nannie E Hartley

3.  Emily Ann’s children – 1a. Margaret Calpernia Hartley; 2a. John Almina Hartley

4.  John A’s children?

5.  Henry A’s children?

6.  Hardin Dudley’s children?

7.  Louisa E’s children – 1a.  Josiah Zachariah Starnes; 2a.  Ruth Elizabeth Starnes; 3a. Moses James Starnes; 4a. Minisa Adelia Starnes; 5a. Margaret A Starnes; 6a. Mellie Corinne Starnes; 7a. Erastus Wheeler Starnes; 8a. Mary Virginia Starnes; 9a. Hollie Kendrick Starnes; 10a. Emmie Louise Starnes; 11a. Arabelle Starnes

Daddy’s maternal grandparents’ first cousins are:

1. James children – 1b. William Van Osdell; 2b. Virginia Van Osdell; 3b. Wade Van Osdell

2. Andrew’s children? marriage?

3. Mary Rebecca’s childless?

4. Enoch Jr children – 1b. Enoch Van Osdell III; 2b. Thomas Edward Van Osdell

5.  Herman’s children? marriage?

6.  Thomas Jefferson’s children – 1b. Jennie F Van Osdell; 2b. Tommy Van Osdell; 3b. Rebecca Lavinia Van Osdell; 4b. Grace Palmer Van Osdell; 5b. Ethel S Van Osdell

7.  Francis Elizabeth children? marriage?

8.  Preston children? marriage?

9. Isidore Balthasard Francois’ children – 1b. Joseph Laurent Delatte; 2b. Leonce Joseph Delatte; 3b. Walton Francis Delatte; 4b. Linden Francis Delatte

10. Mary Frances’s children? marriage?

11.  Rosalie Theodore’s children – 1b. Emily Anna Wood; 2b. Mary Ann Wood

12.  Margaret’s children – 1b. Joseph W Bouche; 2b. Ada Bouche; 3b. Bernard A Bouche

13.  Joseph’s children? marriage?

14.  Louis’ children? marriage?

15.  Bernard Hyacinthe’s children? marriage?

16.  John Louis’ children – 1b. Louis Bernard Delatte; 2b. Lou Ella Delatte; 3b. Mary Josephine Delatte; 4b. Adrienne Beatrice Delatte; 5c. Angeline Sullivan Bennett Delatte; 6c. John Oscar Delatte; 7c. Lillie Louisa Delatte; 8c. Wickliffe W Delatte; 9c. Elsie Delatte; 10c. James Curtis Delatte; 11c. Forrest Delatte; 12c. Nettie Lucille Delatte; 13c. Stella Clarinda Delatte; 14c. Bertha Irene Delatte; 15c. Ethel Lorena Delatte; 16c. Robert Ellis Delatte; 17c. Alton Elmore Delatte

17.  Julia Theresina’s children – 1b. James H Robertson; 2b. Emily Anne Robertson; 3b. Ester Amanda Robertson; 4b. Francis V Robertson; 5b. Raymond Robertson; 6b. Samuel Robertson; 7b. Evelyn B Robertson; 8b. Jessie Robertson; 9b. Bertha Robertson; 10b. Lucille Robertson




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