First cousins to Daddy’s parents

To get to first cousins one must go through uncles and aunts for their children:

First cousins to Thomas Ullman Thompson aka Grandpa Teddy; Perla; Bonnita Bell aka BB; Vardaman Lamar aka Shorty; Dezine Dorothula; Nanarae Elizabeth; Henry Berry; Loramae Blanchette; Robert Julius; Behrnell Theodore aka BT THOMPSON

1.  Charles Edward’s children – 1a.  Freddie Herbert Thompson; 2a.  Mary M Thompson; 3a.  Charles E Thompson Jr; 4a.  Edith Lucille Thompson; 5a.  Wilbur Thompson; 6a.  Elmer E Thompson; 7a.  Claude A Thompson; 8a.  Sybil A Thompson

2. Olive A’s children – 1a.  Ebinor Clyde Whittington; 10a.  Enos Jewett Whittington; 11a.  Altamae Whittington; 12a.  Thomas Monroe Whittington

Grandpa Teddy and siblings’ first cousins on his daddy’s mother’s side would be Callender and Emanuel. After Mary Margaret Callender’s first husband, Henry P or J(echonias, died, she remarried Samuel Oscar Emanuel and bore children to that marriage.

4. Annabel Isabelle’s children – 1a. Essie Belle Cammack; 2a. Sarah Rosalie Cammack; 3a.  Samuel William Cammack; 4a. Mary Alice Cammack; 5a. Katie Emma Cammack; 6a. Annie Florence Cammack

5.  Sarah Jane’s children – 1a. Mary Grace Edwards

6.  Samuel Eugene’s children – 1a. Lorelle Eugene Emanuel; 2a.  Jennie Irene Emanuel; 3a. Sheldon Hayes Emanuel; 4a. Dwight Emanuel; 5a; Mildred Edith Emanuel; 6a. Samuel Percy Emanuel; 7a. Ruth Ivy Emanuel; 8a. Doris Evelyn Emanuel; 9a. Bennett Cammack Emanuel

7.  Mary Penelope childless?

Grandpa Teddy’s first cousin through his mother’s lineage:

1.  James Perry Wilson – childless? married?

2.  Moses Hardin’s children – 1a.  Robert Wilson; 2a.  Bettie Wilson; 3a.  Ellis Wilson; 4a.  Lonnie Wilson; 5a.  Ola Wilson; 6a.  James V Wilson; 7a.  Johnny Lou Wilson; 8a.  Mattie M Wilson; 9a. Doris L Wilson; 10a. P C Wilson

3.  Mary E (Molly E) Wilson – marriage? children?

4.  John Austin children – 1a.  Nellie Ray Wilson; 2a.  Nick Wilson

First cousins of Daddy’s mother,  Gladys Emma Van Osdell and her siblings:

1.  Mary Emma’s children? marriage?

2.  Johnny Roland’s children – 1a.  Edna Van Osdell; 2a. Johnny Roland Van Osdell Jr; 3a.  Edgar Eagan Van Osdell; 4a.  Robert James Van Osdell; 5a.  Sadie Van Osdell; 6a.  Benjamin Smith Van Osdell; 7a.  Cora Louise Van Osdell; 8a.  Walter Hammond Van Osdell; 9a.  Olive Mae Van Osdell; 10a.  Rose Van Osdell; 11a.  Anna Mae Van Osdell

3.  Willie children? marriage?

4.  Annie Ola children – 1a.  Jennie G Penny; 2a.  Annie Belle Penny; 3a.  Ruth May Penny; 4a.  Beatrice Valloria Penny

5.  Sarah Emeline Jones’ children? marriage?

6.  Charles T Jones’ children? marriage?

7.  Robert Charles children – 1b.  Robert C Delatte; 2b.  Thelma Delatte; 3b.  Richard H Delatte

8.  John Alcide children – 1b.  John Alcide Delatte Jr; 2b.  Albert Delatte; 3b.  Margie Alma Delatte; 4b.  Dorothy May Delatte; 5b.  Lucille Delatte; 6b. Joseph V Delatte; 7b. John Harold Armstrong Delatte

9.  Mary Antoinette children? marriage?

9.  Victoria Delatte children – 1b.  James Rankin Hull; 2b.  Shie Jeannette Hull

10.  Laura Ethel children – 1b.  Gracie Payne; 2b.  Esther Payne

11.  Alma Helena children – 1b.  Beverly Payne; 2b.  Juanita Payne; 3b.  Lucille Payne; 4b.  Henry C Payne; 5b.  Grant Payne; 6b.  Mary Payne; 7b.  Albert Payne; 8b.  Virginia Payne; 9b.  Myrtle Payne

12.  Wallace Eugene children? marriage?

13.  Pearl Alburney children – 1b.  Beverly Lea Washington; 2b.  Mildred Lucille Washington; 3b.  Juanita Bernice Washington

14.  Evelyn Irene children – 1b.  Leo Paul Langlois; 2b.  Woodrow J Langlois; 3b.  Jules Joseph Langlois; 4b.  Lawrence Allen Langlois; 5b.  Eugene Langlois; 6b.  Dorothy Ann Langlois; 7b.  Lorraine Langlois

15.  Alfred LeRoy children – 1b.  Mary Lou Delatte

16.  Louis B children? marriage?

16.  Lawrence children – 1b.  Wallace Lionel Delatte; 2b.  Shirley Fay Delatte; 3b.  Alfred Leonard Delatte; 4b.  Alice Delatte; 5b.  Melba L Delatte; 6b.  John Boyd


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