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Christmas has come and gone; as well as New Year celebrations, Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras celebrations. Children are about to have a break from their schooling. Thinking about what it would take to foster children. Too old to adopt so perhaps fostering may be something I may think about. Then again, there is the very short term through Volunteer of America program where children are placed in very temporary homes for the removal from their parents’ home till danger has passed. As I understand, one doesn’t have these children too much more than two or three weeks. VOA supplies toys, computers, food and such for needs and entertainment while in home. Something to do; something to do; paying it forward.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch with my work and thoughts: All is well, just feel the need to tighten those details that need tightening. We have seen rain for quite a few days this week; not hard rain, but steady rain. Yard is soaked. Weeds and grass growing. Work in the springtime with mowing, planting, etc. Thinking fruit trees and river bamboo cane, the spreading kind all around the borders. I like cane. I have an idea on that spreading; perhaps in the helping it to spread in the right directions.

Make some tabs to this blog for the posting pictures for all to catch a glimpse of those with some of the same blood that runs through each of us.