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Studying Who Isaiah Was

Please bear with me as I try to ‘Keep It Simple S…’ with recording what I have learned in my study of Isaiah. Isaiah was apparently one of the descendants of the tribes of Judah and lived in or near Jerusalem; close enough to go to the Temple to pray and seek the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Isaiah was a major prophet who received his calling from His God, but I perceive that calling was received only after he recognized his sin which was the same sin of those he lived and associated with each day (chapter 6 of Isaiah).

The first five chapters of Isaiah as I am perhaps seeing is like a courtroom setting. God is revealing to Isaiah the ways of life that the people of Judah and Jerusalem are living, and to be quite honest here, it is not so different to how the people on earth are living. Male and female of the race of mankind all living for self with no thought of others or even checking in with their God. No one was doing right in the sight of the Lord; right down to sacrificing of those animals that were to be sacrificed. Israel did the sacrifices, but their heart wasn’t really in it. They did it just because it was the law handed to Moses by God for them to live in a civilized manner while recognizing the one God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as they lived on the land that God had promised to them way before they came out of slavery of Egypt.

By the start of chapter 6, Isaiah was sitting in the Temple at Jerusalem, and I am assuming that he was prayerfully seeking guidance from the Lord. He described in his writing what he saw. He saw the Seraphins on either side of the altar. Some minutes later, Isaiah saw his sin because it is written about his mouth and not only that; he lived among those with the same sin. Sound familiar? It does for me.

Once he recognizes this sin, the seraphin take a piece of coal from the altar and places it on Isaiah, and then the Word says his sin was forgiven and healed. Isaiah saw that God was still on His throne, and heard him talking with the seraphin about “Who are We to send?” As it is written, Isaiah heard and responded by saying: (paraphrasing) Here I am, Lord. Send me.