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Lots Going On; but is it right and good?

Since my last posting in March of this year, we here in Louisiana have gone through a lot of rain which possibly led to the emptying out of those waterways to their respective avenues to get to the main body of water to take to the big waters. Seems like it did not work this time starting August 16 2016. The main water avenues as well as the bayous of our little state were heavily laden with excess waters from the rains that came down on the heavily populated land owners who either have resided in their homes for years or bought homes in those many subdivisions that seem to have been built on a frequent basis within our little parish of Ascension. Places that have never flooded were flooded, and places accustomed to their area flooding just a bit saw more water within their homes. One could argue that residents living directly on those waterways were used to water cresting within their four walls, and had grown accustomed to knowing in order what to do after the waters receded. Others could argue that they built their homes just outside of the flood-plain so they would not have to worry about waters entering their homes. And yet another argument to those that built their homes inside the flood-plain, yet either digging a pond for the use of the dirt to build up the foundation on which to build. Lots of arguments out there as to why Louisiana experienced flooding that generally does not happen but once in 500 years. It happened. All residents experienced the fear of rising waters with the question of “Should I leave my home? Do you think the water will get in my home? Where do I go, if it does?”

Through all experienced, we have heard of the federal government officials possibly requiring that homes be raised to the government-required elevation set. These are homes grandfathered in before the rush of development of subdivisions being built. These are homes that someone built to the requirements of the day they were built. Is it right to demand they raise their homes to requirements of today before government will forward monetary help for repairs to homes?

I really get that there are some who abuse the monetary privilege they receive, but there are some who actually obey the laws set forth for the building or repairing their homes. #No quick fix here because a bit of #education may be needed within both the local, state and federal levels of government as well as residents affected.

A look at the storm system that lingered for a few days that was one of the causes of the Louisiana Flood of 2016.