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FAMILY – whether immediate or extended

Family in the immediate, close-in situation: Ever wonder why it is that we tend to worry and try to force a member to do what is right in the sight of the Lord? The more we try, the further the family member backs away to anything closely related to what God has to say about His creations.

The same applies to a church building filled with more unworthy broken people seeking and searching for hopefully the same as you. The closer one gets to another, the more they may feel as a family member; And the more they may push their way onto that extended family member their thoughts and ideas on how one should do with just about everything they think family member should do with their life because after all; “My kid is all the way to being in college and doing well; ‘Listen to me, I have the key to life that is good.’ ”

STOP: What is good for you, doesn’t necessarily work for another’s family. We do not have the right to interfere in another’s life, but we can just be there for the listening for perhaps recognizing something said to try and point another back to what God the Creator of all things and people has to say about it.