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Demanding and Controlling

Do we perhaps as children are reared, put too many demands on our children? I tend to look at mama birds pushing their babies out of the nest when they naturally know they can fly. I know there are some mothers who stay in demanding mode throughout the different stages of their children’s lives. Would this be a form of controlling the actions of their children through their lack of ability to trust that they have taught their children enough of the tools it takes to venture out into the real world to secure their place in life?


Getting back to basics…

My genealogy years and learning what it takes to find EVIDENCE on a particular someone in my family to gather that evidence of a grandparent of mine has taught me that it doesn’t stop just because it appears evidence can not be found. That is when I really learned that I had to kick my brain to another gear merging what I may find with that person to investigate the possibility of it being a TRUTH in their life.

Can I do this one more time? Yes, I can. Yes, I can. Set time aside for the research while attending to what needs are to be done for the day in my own life. Ooooh my, this may require a bit of discipline within my own life. Hmmmm, discipline you say? A place for everything and everything in its place. Thought I had that one, except for the papers accummulated during my research. What do I do with that? Hmmm, ever thought of filing it? I hate filing. It’s so mundane as a needed activity within my daily life, but is needed for order. How do I obtain that order? Start from the beginning of your day. You got up; prepared and fixed your coffee. Enjoy it, while you check on the news of what is happening around you. DO NOT GET INVOLVED, just check on it for awareness.